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Increase for 36 million dinars mortgage loan instead of 30 million dinars

BAGHDAD / Jassim al-Tai / .. Director General of the Land Bank of the Ministry of Finance Hussein Ahmad Tohme revealed increased mortgage loan for 36 million instead of 30 million dinars.

Said Tohme told / JD / economic while attending the first workshop through the implementation of economic reforms in Iraq, organized by the Council of Ministers and the Central Bank, under the slogan (activation project lending to sectors of industry, agriculture and housing) measures that the bank decided to Zaardh for 36 mortgage million dinars instead of 30 million dinars.

Tohme said that the bank will begin soon to grant loans to citizens after they have been allocated 850 billion dinars within the project lending, funded by the Central Bank of Iraq. Indicating that the allocation of this amount will help in solving the housing crisis as well as the resumption of bank activity again after he was suffering from a shortage of liquidity as a result of not receiving any amount of which has been approved in the 2014 budget, amounting to 200 billion dinars, and the budget in 2015 amounting to 250 billion dinars.

Tohme said that this initiative is very important for Real Estate Bank was already taking action before signing with the central bank about this agreement through the creation of instructions for the loan mechanism.

The Tohme that the bank will and within the new mechanisms to grant loans on the first two installments at the completion of the foundations of the building and the second after Roofing and an interest rate of 4% per year and the duration of the completion of 10 years Stressing that the bank was able to lend more than 34 600 citizens previously for the purpose of the construction of housing units for them. / End / 22 /