New measures to overcome the financial crisis

Escalate the vote in support of the reforms, Dr. Haider Abadi, the prime minister, and increasingly with the support of the religious authority for these steps, including the decision to cut officials' salaries, offset by the government's determination to press ahead with reforms without being influenced by the financial crisis caused by the decline in the sale of crude oil prices in world markets.
has revealed a source familiar with the "morning", with the direction of the Council of Ministers to issue important decisions related to financial measures to strengthen the economic situation of the country, notably the new salary scale that eliminates the differences in employees' salaries.
The source the issuance of these decisions during the current week if completed competent committees work, especially that al-Abadi told his advisers session held a few days ago his intention to proceed with the reform of the Iraqi economy and make the right decisions at all costs which, with its emphasis on Iraq's ability to overcome the financial crisis.
This information came compatible with the call reference Supreme religious, to speed up the pace of reform and approval of the new salary scale that eliminates the differences is logical between State officials and justice to those who have been allocated a few salaries do not provide them with a minimum of a decent living.
"Al-Sabah" The Ministry of Finance is currently studying him new salary law Before approval by the Council of Ministers.
It also demanded the reference, in the words of its representative, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai in his Friday sermon in the holy city of Karbala yesterday, to crack down on loans that the government has embarked launch Exchange, which called on the Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords to announce the existence of five points take control of these loans. He said in a statement yesterday Keywords ęthat the central bank obliged banks to publish data on all loans granted by the first hand in order to achieve transparency and community control}.