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Dhi Qar indebted to 122 billion dinars, and the ability to implement new projects, but on credit

Nasiriyah News Network / Morteza Hamid: Local government in Dhi Qar, said the size of the total debt resulting from the construction companies amounted to 122 billion dinars, and he was not the ability of her on the implementation of ores projects only by payment on credit.
He said technical aide to the governor Alaa Hassan News Network Nasiriyah that the size of the indebtedness of the province to construction companies which amounted to 122 billion Iraqi dinars at a time when the federal government did not pay only 13 billion dinars from the share of the province of the federal budget.

He pointed out that the number of approved projects in Dhi Qar of 440 projects, including 150 projects fully completed while disrupted the rest of the projects awaiting financial funding.

He said the province, however, the fiscal deficit, has become unable to complete new projects, only by payment on credit, which is not issued by any central instructions so far.

He explained that the local government in the province is fully prepared to declare a number of projects for the road payment on credit, but that remains depends on the Ministries of Finance approval and planning in the federal government.
It should be noted that the movement of reconstruction in the province has been almost completely paralyzed because of the financial crisis faced by the country and stop the launch of share of the province of the federal budget.
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