Larijani Jabouri: Iran glad democratic Iraq, and we have to become a strong country in the region

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said that Iran was "pleased with the existing democratic system in Iraq," stressing his country's support against terrorism. "
He stressed Larijani in the joint press conference held on Saturday with his Iraqi counterpart, Salim al-Jubouri, who is currently visiting Tehran that "Iran but support and assistance to Iraq at the request of the Iraqi people and their government," asserting that "Tehran offers support for Baghdad in the face of terrorists at the request of Iraq also ". Larijani said that" Iraq is a friend and brother country and our neighbor as the Iranian and Iraqi people share a fraternal relations since ancient times. "He stressed that" Iran is pleased that Iraq has become today is characterized by the existence of a democratic system and assume its own niche in the region, "adding," Tehran's support for the Iraqi people and his government over the past years. "And went head of the Islamic Shura Council in Iran, saying that his country" is endowed to help the Muslim people of Iraq against terrorists who wanted to cause him harm at the request of the Iraqi government, "pointing out that Iran" and always stood by the Iraqi people and the new government even in the darkest conditions. When I tried terrorist movements to destabilize the situation in Iraq
"and stressed Larijani on the need that" Iraq has become a strong country in the region where he was able people and various Iraqi sects and denominations to form a national unity government through solidarity and stacking its ranks.
"He pointed to consultations between the Council of the Iranian Shura Council Iraqi parliament stressed that "relations between the two chambers friendly and strong," adding that "the sides were discussing important issues at the regional and international levels".
He said Larijani's visit al-Jubouri, "it will contribute to the further strengthening of brotherly ties between the two brotherly countries in various political, cultural and commercial private areas."
He continued, saying, "We have discussed with al-Jubouri, many important topics, including the fight against terrorism and restore security stable in the region."
He described Larijani talks today with his Iraqi counterpart to raise the level of trade relations and strengthen the political and cultural relations and to find a stable security of the region and the fight against terrorism as a distinct and said that "al-Jubouri, submitted a report about regional developments and decisions promote harmony and lay the foundations of security firm.
"In conclusion, Larijani expressed his confidence in the success of the visit to Iran, al-Jubouri, expressing his hope that this visit led to improved relations between the two countries and leave a positive influence on the security of Almntqh.