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Gazan: Adoption of a new salary scale one of the staff waiting for the truth that reforms

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The president of the Council of the province of Dhi Qar Hamid Naeem Gazan, Saturday, that the adoption of a new salary scale for staff reforms fact that one waits citizen, as he emphasized the need to pass a law to ensure justice for all staff.
He said the Gazan in a statement received by the agency / information / copy of it, "There is a disparity between the salaries of employees in various ministries, which was born discontent with a lot of staff and a sense of injustice the fact that ladder current salaries is unfair," noting that "there is an employee receives a salary equivalent to three times the salary of another employee in the same jurisdiction, testimony and years of service. "

Gazan and stressed "the need for the adoption of a unified pay him according to the law and clear standards of justice in all departments and state institutions," adding that "this one real reforms that lie ahead of millions of families."
With regard to the reduction of salaries and pensions for the three presidencies, ministers, agents and rank shall be fixed, consultants, general managers, Gazan pointed out that "any state official is in

Charge of citizens' service and this is one of his duties so the officials to reduce the salaries should have been applied for a long time because they provide a lot of money for the state in With the economic crisis experienced by Iraq due to the fall in world oil prices. " Finished / 25