Land Forces Commander: We will liberate the usurped areas of terrorist control Daash

Baghdad scales News - Said ground forces commander Lt. Gen. Riyadh Jalal Tawfiq, Saturday, that the security forces and revoked the popular crowd liberate all the lands usurped by terrorists.

According to a statement of the Ministry of Defense received / scales News / copy of it, that "our armed forces valiant continuous progress towards Anbar province, and according to set her plan was able to our units of killing a large number of terrorists in Albuaath Bridge area north axis in Anbar province, and during provided inflicted Aldoaash losses lives and heavy equipment."

And the statement that "ground forces commander Lt. Gen. Riyadh Jalal Tawfiq lose this axis," and praised "the courage and bravery of the armed forces and the performance of the heroes of fighters who have made from the remains of guerrilla terrorist images Canvas and vivid on the courage and determination of the brave fighters, according to the set until the liberation of the entire Iraqi territory usurped plans Anbar province and the rest of Iraq beloved ".anthy / 29 / d 24