Barzani: Kurdistan independence currently impossible

Twilight News - Massoud Barzani, President of Kurdistan Region / Declaration of Independence said that the region is currently impossible, not only for political reasons but also because of the difficult security situation in Iraq itself.

In an interview with the channel "Russia 24" was published Saturday 12 September, Barzani said that the right of "Kurdish nation" that is taking the critical step in getting its independence, but the current circumstances will not allow it to guarantee this independence.

Barzani confirmed interest in Iraqi Kurdistan to dissolve a peaceful solution to this issue and to go to dialogue with Baghdad around, but Baghdad itself facing many problems except for the existing problems between them and the region.

The head of the Kurdistan region of Iraq that he viewed the secession of the region from the rest of Iraq as a normal democratic process are made through the expression of the will of the citizens, pointing out that the Kurds always sought to build a federal democratic state.

Barzani had announced during his visit to Washington last May, that the Iraqi Kurds will hold a referendum on the issue of sovereignty after the success of the ongoing battle against al current "Daash".