Oil announces the establishment of Iraq's draft Energy Center _alurbi

BAGHDAD / .. The Oil Ministry announced on the project to establish a European center of the Iraqi energy. A statement of the ministry received the "eye of Iraq News,"a copy of it on the head supervisor of the project committee and general manager of training and development department Sadiq Hussain al-Yassiri as saying, "it was at the Oil Ministry to convene a meeting of the Iraqi energy project - the European presence of representatives of the ministries of oil, science and technology, environment, planning and external and higher education, such as the European side [LUTHARDT GROUP] ". "It has all the notes pertaining to the project, where we have reached a preliminary version put to the terms of the contract for the project, which aims to establish Iraqi - European energy project discussion.
The Yasiri "This project is aimed at cooperation in research and scientific fields in the energy sector, as well as providing counseling and practical solutions for many of the projects as well as address the economic, industrial and academic problems, as well as optimum use of associated gas and make the most of this wealth."

For his part, said ministry spokesman Assem Jihad, according to the statement that "the ministry and through cooperation with the EU aimed at promoting and developing the energy sector in Iraq through the exchange of experiences with the developed countries and as reflected in the infrastructure for the sector development and through the conclusion of several agreements, including the establishment of This is the center of Iraq's energy center - The European] from which we make the most of the EU's experience in strengthening national industry and keep abreast of developments in this field, ".anthy 6 to take advantage.