Abdul Salam al-Maliki: the Council of Ministers hold its next meeting in Basra to consider the suffering


Attorney student from Basra, Abdul Salam al-Maliki, the province of the Council of Ministers to hold its next meeting in the province to consider the suffering in a field without procrastination or anesthesia, Maliki said in a statement that "Basra has suffered a lot and did not find it hears the appeals of their children even though they represent economic lung of Iraq, and we find their hosts live tin houses with a severe shortage in the province Services " Maliki said that "the reference redress for Basra when asked the Prime Minister to give the province greater attention after all these years of injustice, marginalization and indifference of politicians," he said, adding that "al-Abadi binding and within his reforms given to those suffering more wisely and zero tolerance against those claims to Basra to contact to The blast and full separation in order to preserve their wealth stolen annually to satisfy others and their well-being at the expense of people of the province extent "
And the MP from Basra that "the government before the last chance street is boiling and reference woken up to this threat and Abadi faced with two choices only two, either implement the demands of the province and either put the financial allocations for the referendum on the formation of Basra province," warning of "inaction more than this so things do not get out control. "
Maliki said that "the Council of Ministers demands to hold its next meeting in Basra and that there are real decisions include the formation of follow-up committees of ministers and a field without procrastination or anesthesia to find out all the problems experienced by the addition to granting the province the largest percentage of the five advance trillion dinars, which was launched for investment projects and commercial, agricultural, which is originally from the province's oil and they have the most deserving than others.

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