Out $ 18 billion auction of central Iraq to regional countries for "money laundering"

Special scales News - Detection of the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi, the Sabbath, out of more than $ 18 billion by the central bank auction during the first six months of this year, indicating that most of them went to money laundering.

She said Tamimi's / scales News / "A group of monopolists to auction the central bank for the sale of hard / dollar currency / smuggled during the first six months of this year more than $ 18 billion to the regional countries," revealing that "this money went mostly to projects" suspicious "and" illegal "and" whitening of money."

She said the parliamentary finance committee member, said "There is a huge waste of public money Tam and the absence of financial control over some government institutions, especially the Central Bank", noting that "90% of dollar sales by the Central Bank of Iraq is of remittances and only 10% cash sales."

It is said that "to the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary member Mohammed fact revealed to / scales News /, earlier, by opening a new file on corruption" traders "are fleeing the hard currency" dollar "abroad by buying goods at low prices, confirming the involvement of senior officials in that case ".anthy 29 / d 25