Rafidain Bank directed its branches to facilitate the pensioners received their salaries for procedures

Twilight News / Rafidain Bank in the face of all its branches on Saturday, overcoming the difficulties and problems faced by retirees and facilitate their actions during their pensions Exchange.

The Information Office of the Bank said in a statement that the general manager of the bank on behalf of Kamal al-Hassani visited a number of branches of the bank in Baghdad briefed on the progress of work.

The statement said al-Hassani urged to make more efforts and harnessing human potential to reach the level required in the banking services provided to citizens and stand on the problems and obstacles, diagnosis and find appropriate solutions.

The statement continued, he also met with al-Hassani a number of citizens and listened to their problems and their needs and face overcoming the difficulties experienced by retirees and taking into account the humanitarian situation during their review to receive financial dues.