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    BGG Roundtable September 11, 2015

    BGG Roundtable September 11, 2015

    BGG : Some - very, very good news going on today...
    BGG: especially in light of my commentary yesterday...
    BGG: hang on here.

    _firefly_: 09/11/2015 11:07 GMT - Central Bank of Iraq is required to publish banks loan data in order to achieve transparency BAGHDAD - and babysit - Central Bank of Iraq has decided, on Friday, obliging banks to publish data on all financial loans, attributing the cause to their importance in achieving transparency and control The governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords in a brief statement, "The central bank has committed all banks to publish data for each Alkaroq granted by you-go". Keywords and added, that "this investigation comes to transparency and community control."
    X, Y

    BGG: Politically - I think Alak is about to start playing ball.

    firefly_: importance in achieving transparency

    BGG: I have said - for a long time, the question has always been, will he play ball - or be removed.
    comments like this, from him show his mindset..

    _firefly_:He may very well be, but this article is talking about loans and TRANSPARENCY !!!!!!

    BGG: I still don't think he's competent as a CBI Gov - but Abadi may leave him in place if he "plays ball"...

    _firefly_: Agreed

    BGG: and I agree - this is exactly what I'm pointing out - he's at least starting the right direction.
    BGG: likely -
    BGG he's seen what's on the menu...
    BGG: (his name - in the fine print...)

    _firefly_: I like the Transparency quote

    BGG: I do to...

    _firefly_: Huge !!!!!
    _firefly_: A certain agency in Basel comes to mind !

    BGG: exactly - HUGE ( I know there are some that complain about the "HUGE" reference - I apologize ahead of time for not being able to please everyone

    JustJanette: "Transparency" greatly reduces underhanded corruption tactics

    BGG: (we think it is a big deal)
    BGG: which begs the ?? - what was going on BEFORE - transparency??

    _firefly_: I could care less what others think, we are using the apprpriate words

    CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG: ya...maybe Alak finally seeing his homeboy not in important Elite Shia meetings these days

    BGG says to JustJanette(1:42 PM):
    OK - here's a great find by Reider Visser and CantwaitwoRV

    BGG: I was just getting to that HUGE report

    _firefly_ says to BGG: lol

    CanTWaitwoRV: haha

    JustJanette says to BGG: Certainly actions which did not foster economic reform for the people of Iraq

    BGG: If this wire report from #Iraq is accurate, former PM Maliki is absent from today's summit of Shia alliance leaders

    BGG: notably (if the pic is accurate) Hakim, Jaafari and Abadi ARE there...
    BGG: Coupled with this sqwauk out of the NA...
    BGG: Nouri: America is pressing to pass a law of the National Guard in order to divide the country
    BGG: Garbage - pure sectarian garbage... they are trying to keep the country stirred up against itself so they maintain some "personal control"... this is about the Shia Militias.
    BGG: along with this news...

    _firefly_ says to BGG: EXACTLY !!!!!

    CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG: National Guard diminishes Maliki's/Iranian power and influence so not surprised with M's comments

    CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG: yep

    BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV: Exactly... however,

    BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV: a report as of today...
    BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV: "...hostages were taken in Shia area of Baghdad; Iraq army subsequently clashed with Shia militia..."\

    CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG: Nice I saw that...hadn't suck in til now

    BGG: Which means - Abadi has MAJOR support we are (as yet) unaware of...

    _firefly_ says to BGG : Nice catch

    CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG: right
    CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG: (handshake)

    BGG: if the Regular Army has directly engaged the Shia Militias around Baghdad - something is UP!!

    CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG: indeed

    diane1: Something great I hope is up

    BGG: the militias have been in charge of security around Baghdad - now they allowed - or were in on hostage taking and the IRA engaged them. This would be impossible without the full support of Sistani.

    CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG: takes me back to the news of our marines being sent over to fortify the green zone a few months back

    _firefly_ says to BGG: 09/11/2015 16:05 GMT - Starting demonstrations Tahrir Square in Baghdad to demand the reform of the judiciary

    BGG says to _firefly_: SWEET!!

    CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG: and lawd knows what else we got going on over there

    BGG says to _firefly_: (see - no HUGE!! )

    _firefly_ says to BGG: Follow-up - and babysit - launched a demonstration in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, on Friday, with the participation of thousands of citizens and activists to demand accountability of corrupt officials in the state and reform of the judiciary, while security forces imposed strict measures in anticipation of any security breach.
    Said Alsumaria News correspondent in Baghdad, said that thousands of citizens and activists staged, this afternoon, a demonstration in Tahrir Square, the center of the capital, to demand reform of the judicial system, pointing out that the demonstrators have expressed dissatisfaction with the reform measures to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and demanded the implementation of more

    scottiegirl: HUGE!

    scottiegirl: I'll say it

    BGG says to _firefly_: Legit demonstrations in favor of judicial reform is a good thing.

    _firefly_ says to BGG: He added that the demonstrators denounced the Liberation bad the reality of services, and called for the prosecution of corrupt officials and not to give them a chance to escape out of the country. "He said that the security forces imposed strict measures on the place of the demonstration and nearby areas in anticipation of any breaches, while developed more of a security belt for inspection. M.a

    BGG says to _firefly_: they will have some new laws passed, but without enforcement it means little...

    _firefly_ says to BGG: and not to give them a chance to escape out of the country. "

    CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG: and coupled with Sadr/Sistani military I can speculate

    BGG says to _firefly_: Maliki may have flown the coup already.

    BGG says to _firefly_: too late...

    _firefly_ says to BGG: Can we say together .... Domino Effect !!!!!

    BGG says to _firefly_: I was thinking earlier - I highly doubt Maliki ever sees a trial. He knows one is coming, but he'll go ahead of that reality...

    GrannieAnnie: Domino Effect !!

    mimi3: Can say together yet......RV?

    CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG: Maliki could be working up on a Scarface moment yea

    _firefly_ says to BGG: Do you think they are done with him?

    diagyAAAE: lol cant

    BGG: in his mind, he can still attempt to exert influence from outside Iraq (as long as he's not in jail and some kind of "Shia ruler/martyr")

    mimi3: say hello to my "little Friend"

    BGG: nahhh - he's too cunning for that.

    diane1 says to CanTWaitwoRV: maybe but scarface better becareful of Sammy the bull

    CanTWaitwoRV says to diane1: yea or sammy the drone

    _firefly_ says to BGG: He may be but his son and cousin ..............

    BGG: they are dumb - they will both get caught.

    scottiegirl: Even if he leaves Iraq, the ICC will eventually catch up with him, yes?

    _firefly_ says to BGG: And Maliki KNOWS that !!!!!!!!

    maine: they would go after his family i think

    scottiegirl: Those charges are not null and void

    BGG: Not sure - IMHO, I just doubt he ever sees an Iraqi trial.

    BGG: he won't stay.

    Pablo: Someone would have to catch him.

    quicktolegit96: BGG U ARE EXACTLY RT

    scottiegirl: Just hate to see him get away with what he's done, but on the other hand........

    _firefly_ says to BGG: IMO ... If they wanted him, it would already have been done !


    _firefly_ says to BGG: Abadi has the power

    BGG says to _firefly_: I don't know if I agree - I think he is gaining support daily.

    CanTWaitwoRV: wouldn't be surprised Iran gradually take it's Risk game board pieces outta Iraq to Syria and regroup if what we're reading regarding Abadi now has a military stronghold and winning

    BGG says to _firefly_: and he is using it immediately.

    CanTWaitwoRV: which would be a big deal of course

    _firefly_ says to BGG: IMO the cat and mouse game is nearing completion

    BGG says to quicktolegit96: as I understand it there are two outlined.

    CanTWaitwoRV: gradually..more like asap

    diane1: ABADI is a smart man and has good intentions for his country and it's people

    diane1: good always prevails evil.

    BGG says to quicktolegit96: and a third on the way - but more than likely there will be MUCHO CHANGES coming... not 1 or 2 or 3...

    quicktolegit96: 10.4 TY

    _firefly_ says to BGG:
    When I say Abadi, I am talking plural

    BGG says to quicktolegit96: none of which has been fully accomplished... hence the demonstrations even today. They want more action... as do we.

    CanTWaitwoRV says to diane1: true cuz in the game of Risk no man wins

    quicktolegit96: PRESSURE LUV IT

    CanTWaitwoRV says to diane1: in the end anyways


    BGG says to quicktolegit96: they were - without a doubt, the catalyst for Sistani and others throwing their support fully behind Abadi and further chiseling away at the pillars of Maliki's power bases.

    BGG says to quicktolegit96: these recent actions have really started the change in "status quo"...

    _firefly_ says to BGG: BINGO !

    quicktolegit96: YES THEY HAVE, TY SISTANI AND SADR

    jackflash101st: tell me wy cant they seem to get rid of this madhat judge??

    jackflash101st: seems to be draging on a bit...

    Sistani's representative calls for a re-evaluation of the performance of officials and the replacement of proven incompetence
    Fri Sep 11 2015 15:31 | (Voice of Iraq) - Karbala

    BGG says to jackflash101st: technicalities... they will - IMHO, get rid of him. He's not even legal to be there (still)... he's too old. The bigger question, how do they replace the RETARDS who reportedly voted (on the SJC Council) to retain him...

    BGG says to jackflash101st: that is the question.

    jackflash101st: Thank you.Great answer

    diane1 says to BGG: They make the retards a offer than can not refuse.




    BGG says to jackflash101st: and the answer is relatively simple... Hadair "What's his face" - the big Maliki opponent and others from lower courts get promoted.

    BGG says to jackflash101st: forgive me - I forget his name... I remember his face.

    CanTWaitwoRV says to quicktolegit96: oh I'd say 100% imo

    CanTWaitwoRV says to quicktolegit96: like a boss

    mimi3: 19 days till october 1 what do you think BGG? never thought it would go this long.......

    says to BGG: Abadi is launching a new reform package Author: Publisheron: September 11, 2015 In: PoliticsViews:

    _firefly_ says to BGG: BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Salahuddin province, a good example and role model through the return of the population to their areas after liberation from gangs Daash terrorist. He Abadi, during a meeting with members of the Board of the province of Salah al-Din in the presence of the governor we "We are working efforts of our heroes in order to filter the province of terrorists and do not offer their areas at risk again through the activation of the intelligence effort in which" referring to the need for "political differences do not affect the province and be unified efforts in this regard."

    BGG says to mimi3: IMHO - they will satisfy the WB and IMF before Oct 1 (by all appearances)

    _firefly_ says to BGG: He noted that continuous reforms and there. " packages reformist other and that these reforms are not against one, "stressing" the need not to bring the citizen political conflicts because the citizen of his priorities to provide security and services necessary for living and needs.

    mimi3: Thank you!

    BGG says to mimi3: what else happens between now and then - I have no clue... anybody's guess.

    BGG says to mimi3: I am in "spectator mode"

    mimi3: aren't we all?

    _firefly_ says to BGG: "He said the poor" the use of the powers is not our approach and that the charge must be for all Iraqis. "

    _firefly_ says to BGG: Ministry of Agriculture: Abadi leave the choice of the general managers of the Ministry of change BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) -, Ministry of Agriculture confirmed on Friday that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi leave the selection of new directors instead of two managers who have been issued a decision referring them to retirement, pointing out that it is hoped that the ministry receive next week list the names of managers who will change them.

    BGG says to _firefly: both interesting article - and thanks for that.

    BGG says to _firefly_: some changes he seems to be handling himself - others he's delegating...

    _firefly_ says to BGG: He said Undersecretary Ghazi slave's (IMN) "The ministry has not received so far two managers who will change them names, pointing out that it is hoped that the names are sent by the Council of Ministers in the next few days."Information Office of the Prime Minister's Office said yesterday, that "Based on the first package of reforms presented by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, in the center of administrative reform and private measures limbering and including raising the efficiency of the performance of state institutions, the Abadi decided hundred and twenty-three, Deputy Minister and Director General of exemption ".

    BGG says to _firefly_: but it seems there is BIG CHANGES coming... in every quarter.

    _firefly_ says to BGG: He said, "Abadi left to the Ministry of selecting new directors instead of managers sacked, and said the ministry will select new directors for quotas away from partisan and factional. And that "will be selected through efficiency, integrity and work experience to manage those positions that have been changed."

    BGG says to _firefly_: So - by all appearances, they are going with "technocrats" and not sectarian quotas.

    _firefly_ says to BGG: The Tedo parliamentary finance committee last month, that the Commission Majaburh to introduce strict procedures for all the budgets of state institutions in the budget of 2016.

    _firefly_ says to BGG: Love it !!!!!

    BGG says to _firefly_: people who can do the job instead of someone who holds a union card from the right party.

    BGG says to _firefly_: big step in the right direction.

    _firefly_ says to BGG: Great Analogy !

    _firefly_ says to BGG: Yeah no news today lol

    BGG says to _firefly_: that is Abadi's point - they need these jobs getting done - instead of these ministries getting STRIPPED of resource by crooked, bloated, sectarian thieves...

    BGG says to _firefly_: Abadi is gearing all of this around better service to the people.

    _firefly_ says to BGG: He dismissed 123 politicians a day ago !

    BGG says to _firefly_: My biggest concern - at this point,

    BGG says to _firefly_: I hope he doesn't get assassinated...

    BGG says to _firefly_: he may be the most prime candidate for it IN THE WORLD, right now...

    _firefly_ says to BGG: I think he is well surrounded

    jackflash101st: not to change the subject whats the latest news on ISIS

    BGG says to jackflash101st: Who knows... according to the news today - the intel is CONSTANTLY altered...

    BGG says to jackflash101st: so the President has no culpability.

    CanTWaitwoRV: got this article sent over...

    CanTWaitwoRV: Parliamentary economy discuss with the governor of the central printing new currency 09/11/2015

    CanTWaitwoRV: It deliberated for economic and investment commission in Parliament with the Governor of the Central Bank to raise issues related to the level of the Iraqi economy and discuss the printing of the new currency category fifty thousand dinars. Said committee member Ahmed Salim Kanani in a statement received / scales News / copy of "his committee held a meeting headed by Jawad al-Bolani with the Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords and the presence of a number of members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and in addition to officials from the government."

    BGG says to jackflash101st: IMHO - once these reforms take hold, and Abadi is a little more firmly planted...

    CanTWaitwoRV: Kanani said that "the establishment of this meeting for the purpose of trading on raising the level of the Iraqi economy and to discuss the new currency printed category fifty thousand dinars to improve the reality of the currency's economy and revitalize the economic opportunities in the country to have a strong economy sober in Iraq serving the public interest" .anthy / 29 / d 24

    BGG says to jackflash101st: they are also struggling to train up enough troops for offense...

    BGG says to jackflash101st: once this is accomplished - ISIS's time in Iraq is near the end.

    BGG says to jackflash101st: They will be an idealogoy for a long time - but they will have to do it elsewhere.

    jackflash101st: I sure hope so..THanks BGG great r/t..

    BGG says to jackflash101st: North Africa, etc, etc...

    CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG: yeah which brings up the issue of all the refugees moving around the globe even here in the states the way it's looking

    BGG says to jackflash101st: ideology

    jackflash101st: Exactly my point..

    BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV: OK - so riddle me this...

    CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG: slipping thru the cracks

    BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV: if they were "just going to do this" (50k note thingy) as reported?!?

    BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV: why the need to meet and discuss it further??

    CanTWaitwoRV: exactly and why talk about so much

    BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV: I mean, some like to make it sound "set in stone"...

    quicktolegit96: CONFUSION PERHAPS

    CanTWaitwoRV: somethin lies underneath the surface of it all for sure

    BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV: if that were the case... why this meeting to "raise issues related to it..."?? Hmmmmmmm

    CanTWaitwoRV: ha

    BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV: exactly what I've been pointing out - there are two sides to this argument and they are still "talking"...

    CanTWaitwoRV: never seen a country talk about it's currency so much that's for sure

    CanTWaitwoRV: no other country out there doing it this much I know of

    BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV: with Maliki a no-show at the meeting with the Shia "heavy-weights" I'll give you one guess as to which side I'm thinking will win??

    CanTWaitwoRV: yea good point!

    scottiegirl: YES!

    mimi3: the good side!

    BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV: Hint - the other side

    CanTWaitwoRV: 50k in purchasing power of a 50 note werks

    jackflash101st: Maybe hes back in Iran

    mimi3: which is the good side right?

    BGG says to mimi3: yes.

    mimi3: yeah for the good side!!

    dale: The assasination thought has been going through the back of my mind also since Abadi is going after these bad characters money .... do you think that the CIA or say the International court have any people help watching Abadi?

    BGG says to dale: I am sure.

    BGG: OK - thanks everyone. Great News Time!!

    dale: Good .... thanks BGG.

    End of report

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