Khalisi: Reform is a process of transition and dissolve parliament and stop the Constitution

Fri Sep 11 2015
19:08 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad said Friday sermon preacher Kadhimiya Sheikh Jawad al-Khalisi, on Friday, that the reform in the Iraqi government is through the dissolution of the House of Representatives and the discontinuation of the constitution and the creation of a transitional process in the country and hold elections after a year or two from Therefore, as pointed out that the position of emigration that the "origin in this case, is privacy." said Khalisi during his Friday sermon in the city of Kadhimiya that "the sons of the Iraqi people, today, also demonstrating to demand reform, and our opinion has not changed Reform is required which is not inevitable of it, but we have to pay attention to the corruption and corruption that happened and is happening today basis of the political project, which charted the occupier to get to this situation, how can a corrupt political process that brought us to this case make a reform on the national level. "He added Khalisi," If we want to answer the important question is how is the reform in Iraq, the answer we have is clear and unequivocal has in several countries this reform is through the points first, stop the constitution, because it is the basis of the crisis in Iraq, and secondly to dissolve parliament because he did not give anything to the people, and thirdly a transition process to manage the country's affairs and elections after a year or two from it, "noting that" participation in the new political process is based on the three national constants a, unity, identity and sovereignty, and not on sectarian or ethnic bases. "It was the religious authority, Muhammad Mahdi al-Khalisi confirmed on Monday (August 3, 2015), that underestimated "the cry of the people" and the attack on the owners, is the "aggression" on the right and Ngyiba to the opinion of the nation in crucial issues, calling for the public to focus on the reform of the political process and curricula divisive and sectarian being the cause of all evil. On the subject of emigration , Khalisi explained, "We say to those who ask about our position on immigration and calls for immigration these days being that the parent in this case, is privacy, it is not permissible to leave a Muslim country and we go to the West Country, and if you are careful to your religion and your country then you should stay in this country and defend it against enemies schemes, and if there are exceptional circumstances, this does not eliminate the origin of privacy. "The reference Jawad al-Khalisi said, Friday (4 September 2015), immigration from Iraq is who are forced by the forms of legitimate" and haram and loss and teh moral and legitimate, "while called on Iraqis to bear the situation and fighting and unity under the banner of Islam.

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