Council Anbar tribes: Qatar conspiracy conference on Iraq

Sat Sep 12 2015
00:17 | (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News Anbar tribes Council, said that the conference, which was sponsored by the Qatari government last week to a number of the characters is a conspiracy against Iraq, noting that those who participated in the loss of the national conference. Decided Ministry of Foreign Affairs Monday , last recall Iraqi charge d'affaires in the Qatari capital Doha for the purpose of consultation on the background of the recent embrace of the Special Conference Iraq. The head of the Council Faisal Alasavi "The conference, which was held in Qatar came to complete the series of the destruction of Iraq based on some of the people on the inside who lost the national through their participation in the Thus conference. "Alasavi explained that" some of the personalities who attended the conference are required by the Iraqi judiciary and wanted for the families, "noting that" the tribes will not give up its right to pursue all fugitives politicians who caused the destruction of al-Anbar province. "It was announced last week, deputies from the coalition of state Law 100 for collecting signatures for the dismissal of Deputy Speaker of Parliament from his post after his visit last week to the State of Qatar, but the latter issued a clarification in which he emphasized that he did not take part in the Qatar Conference, and his visit came in response to an official invitation

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