US official: Daash manufactured and used chemical weapons in Iraq

Sat Sep 12 2015
00:28 | (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News said a US official told the BBC that there is a growing perception by the US government that al Daash manufactured and used chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria. The official said the United States spotted four occasions at least used where elements of the organization containing mustard on both sides of the Iraqi-Syrian border. He added that the chemicals used in the form of powder. The United States believes that al Daash has the task of manufacturing the chemical weapons cell. He said the US official, "They are using mustard, and we know that they are doing so. "He added that the mustard component may be used in the form of powder and placed in a conventional explosives such as mortar shells. When detonate these explosives, the dirt overfilling mustard hurts the people who are exposed to it. The US official said the intelligence community believes that there are three possible explanations for how to get the organization Daash on This chemical element killer. He pointed out that state regulation of the manufacture of this component is more means reasonableness in the eyes of the intelligence. "We thought that they have cell research small active competent chemical weapons and seek (the organization's leaders) to determine the best ways to take advantage of them." The other alternative theories is that the gunmen organization found caches of chemical weapons in Iraq or in Syria. He went on US official says he is unlikely to be the insurgents have found a chemical element in Iraq because the US military was to be detected often during the military campaign in Iraq, about ten years ago. He said that elements of al Daash it is unlikely that they have obtained the chemical component of the Syrian regime before it was forced to hand over his stock under the threat of US air strikes in 2013. He noted the US official that the most likely theory is that this element is made ​​using the available scientific information on a large scale, He said that Mustard element is not difficult industrialization. remains the US government's position is a necessity for the investigation of allegations of using chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria, but the US official in his remarks, told the BBC said, many of the intelligence agencies now believe that there is sufficient evidence currently assigned these allegations. He asked the US official on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about it publicly.

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