Foreign Relations: Washington binding in accordance with the Framework Agreement to prevent the Turkish incursion

Fri Sep 11 2015
13:54 | (Voice of Iraq) - Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) said the Committee on Foreign parliamentary relations, that the United States binding in accordance with the Framework Agreement signed with Iraq to prevent any attack on Iraqi territory, stressing that the current stage requires international action to stop the Turkish attacks on Iraq's sovereignty. launched last Wednesday a Turkish fighter jets escorted by military ground force attack inside Iraqi territory north of the country on the strongholds of the PKK against the Turkish government. The Vice-Chairman of the Committee Abdul Bari Zebari's (IMN), said that "the framework agreement signed between Baghdad and Washington obliges the last to defend Iraq in the event of exposure to external aggression, as is happening now in the Turkish incursion into Iraqi territory north of the country. "Zebari said that" the federal government is required to position a firm, clear and especially the ministries concerned, the current situation requires diplomatic move Iraqi internationally towards the United States and NATO to put an end to the Turkish violations of Iraqi territory. "and denounced the Iraqi Foreign Ministry on Tuesday, Thursday, incursion number of Turkish military units inside Iraqi territory, and considered it a violation of Iraq's sovereignty and misuse clear of bilateral relations between the two countries. Turkey accuses PKK implementation of attacks on sites series military and security inside Turkish territory from Iraqi territory, while Baghdad says that any breach of Iraqi sovereignty is rejected by the Turkish side under any pretext. from: Haider al-Tamimi

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