The Ministry of Industry: two billion are not enough to restructure the loss-making our companies

Fri Sep 11 2015
13:50 | (Voice of Iraq) - Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) The Ministry of Industry and Minerals, that the loan allocated by the World Bank of $ 2 billion is not enough for the rehabilitation of the two companies to the ministry. The agent said the ministry Makki al-Dairi's (IMN ) that "the Ministry of Industry loss-making companies need huge sums of money for restructuring," pointing out that "the economic situation is going through the country and not to the budget exchange hampered the rehabilitation of some loss-making companies." The World Bank approved during the past two days, a loan of $ 2 billion to support exchange loss-making companies in an effort to support and turn it into a winner. He Dairi that "there is a tendency by the Ministry of Industry to put its money-losing to the investment of foreign companies and re fully rehabilitated." refused to economic and investment commission in Parliament last month, restructuring of loss-making companies in the ministries of industry, transport, claim change the officials and departments because they are the main reason for the failure of those Acharkat.bhsp as saying. from: Star Gazan, Edit: Sheikh Salem

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