Barzani: it may not lead to a difference of opinion incision row

Fri Sep 11 2015
01:46 | (Voice of Iraq) - Roudao- Erbil on the occasion of the 54th anniversary of the September Revolution, said the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, said the September revolution was important for the liberation movement Kurdish source, calling them the greatest revolution against injustice and tyranny. According to a statement for the presidency of the Kurdistan Region, today, on the occasion of the passage of 54 years since the September Revolution, where the president of the region in which he referred to the victories achieved by the Peshmerga, said: "We salute the memory of this great revolution, at a time in which the people of Kurdistan is facing serious threats." said Barzani: "Fbsamud the people of Kurdistan, and the sacrifice of the brave Peshmerga forces, passed the many difficulties, and we can achieve victory in the end and end let the people of Kurdistan, and to live with dignity and freedom, "adding that" the multiplicity of parties and freedom that we see now in the Kurdistan Region has been achieved with the blood of the martyrs, and the best estimate and considering possible that offer to those pure blood will be in the harness differences of views between all the components to serve the nation, independence and coexistence in peace. "On the other side of the statement, said the provincial head Massoud Barzani, links the people of Kurdistan among themselves, saying:" We must learn from September that the revolution of the people of Kurdistan and militant forces, with whom issues and national interests, "adding," The Autism rows is the basic condition for the victory of our people, and must maintain that unity. "

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