Deputy for the citizen: focus on oil and gas legislation to regulate the relationship with the Kurdistan Regional

According to a member of the Legal Committee MP for Ktlhmoatn sound Shawki, on Thursday, he said his committee is currently focusing on legislation and laurel oil law because it regulates the relationship between Baghdad and the region and the rest of the provinces. The House of Representatives has restored oil and gas law to the Council of Ministers in order to re-drafted again. He said Shawki told I followed news agency Brathaan "There is almost a consensus by the House of Representatives to be out legislative year projects important laws serve the citizens and we have to be reforms radical, fair and inclusive and according to the constitution.
"He explained that" there are a number of laws on the list of the House of Representatives are currently focusing our work on the enactment of the oil and gas law to regulate the relationship with the region and the rest of the provinces.
"He was a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum said that the approval of oil and gas law sponsor Bhhalp differences between the federal government and the province on the oil wealth, noting that the absence of law in the cause of the current crisis with the territory.