Karbalai calls for strict procedures for the application of government lending program and keep him spoilers

Count representative of the supreme religious authority in Karbala, Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai, on Friday, the central bank lending to five trillion to agricultural, industrial and real estate banking and housing fund as "good", and called for strict measures to implement the lending program and keep the spoilers.
Said Karbalai during Friday prayers at the threshold Husseinia and attended (range Press), "The government's move to lend to the Central Bank of the amount of five trillion dinars for agricultural and industrial banks and housing is good, but it needs strict procedures in the disbursement of these funds correct sites control."
He called Karbalai "not to allow the heads of the big owners of corruption and greed that extends their hand to those funds also spread to hundreds of billions over the past years in the name of fictitious projects." Karbalai and pointed out that "if the money spent on its right to handle important files the most important file unemployment, and must take complementary steps to protect the local product which can not compete with the imported product."

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