The reference to calls for a new salary scale to achieve social justice and describe conditions of Basra as "strange"

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - said the Supreme religious authority that the government to reduce the salaries of officials step in the right direction, with eye to not to allow the warheads corruption Nile amounts of bank loans allocated, usually lack of services in Basra is an oddity of the situation in Iraq.

The representative of the reference in the holy city of Karbala, Sheikh Abdel Mahdi al-Karbalai said that "the government to achieve social justice for a new ladder of salaries eliminates salary is logical and fair to employees who have little pay," explaining that "the Government to reduce the salaries of officials step in the right direction."

Karbalai called reforms in the light of the "re-Takiaam officials' performance on the professional basis of quotas is far from partisan, regional and tribal" package.

He added that the government "do strict procedures in the disbursement of the amounts Okarztha the central bank, amounting to five trillion dinars, which will be distributed as a loan industrial, agricultural and housing projects control, and not to allow the heads of corruption that their hands stretching it, in order to tackle unemployment and diversify the production base, as well as allowing domestic product to compete with imported goods."

At the level of services counting Karbalai "Machhdh Basra from a lack of services and the scarcity of safe water for human consumption is an oddity of the situation in Iraq, where that Basra is important for all the country's financial source.

As recommended Karbalai the Ministry of Education and the relevant authorities of the adoption of the Compulsory Education Law and address illiteracy, especially among females, as well as rely on modern teaching methods to keep abreast of developments and to move away from the old traditional methods."

And called on the Supreme religious authority in last Friday, the Integrity Commission and the judiciary to recover Iraq's looted money and to hold large capital corruption, as he emphasized the need for concerted everyone to fight corruption, pointing to the activation of the sectors of agriculture, industry, investment in non-oil resources.