Global indicator: Iraq from among the best care for the elderly

Twilight News / do not choose HelpAge organization concerned with the situation of older people across the world, only four Arab countries in the living conditions of older persons index, since I attended Morocco, Jordan, Iraq and Palestine states among the 96 countries included in this index, which Tsdrth Switzerland as the best countries in the world care for the elderly, followed by Norway , then Sweden. While it was ranked last monument of Afghanistan.

Despite the presence in this special adult sixty years the index and above, except that the four Arab countries Tamoqat in recent mattresses, lead by Morocco in the center 84, then Jordan in the 85th, and then Iraq in 87th place, then the Palestinian territories in Al93 center, while most countries were absent The index for the Gulf and the rest of North Africa.

For Morocco, there are about 3.3 million of Sakinth within this category (9.6 percent of the population), and up hope of life to 78 years, while 90 percent are not available in this category on the level of education, and 39 percent of the They had access to retirement, and according to the proportion of the elderly will move the cursor to the 23.4 percent in 2030.

As for Jordan, with about 400 thousand of Sakinth reached old age (5.4 percent of the population), life expectancy up to 79 years, while gets about 42 percent of the elderly at retirement, it is expected to reach the elderly proportion of the 2030 to 15.8 percent.

With regard to Iraq, V1,8 million Iraqis have reached or exceeded sixty years (5 percent), and hope lives up to 78 years, and 56 percent of them hold a pension, and will not know the proportion of a big increase in 2030, which will stop at 8.9 percent . While the number of elderly Palestinians up to 200 thousand (4.5 percent), with an average life similar hope for Iraq, but only 8 percent of retirement had access to, as you will know the percentage rose slightly in 2030, and will reach 10.4.