Sistani's representative calls for a re-evaluation of the performance of officials and the replacement of proven incompetence

Author: HA, TT
Editor: HA

2015/09/11 12:45

Long-Presse / Karbala
He invited the representative of supreme religious authority in Karbala, Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai, on Friday, to re-officials' performance assessment and accountability "corrupt", and called for "the replacement" of proven incompetence, while stressing the need to be reforms to "pace" faster.

Said Karbalai during Friday prayers at the threshold Husseinia and attended (range Press), "The core of the reform steps in addition to prosecute the corrupt and recover funds seized unlawfully, are re-officials' performance on an objective basis, and the replacement of proven incompetence people assess others according to the standard of competence, integrity and concern for the interests of the people. "

Karbalai called that "the choice of bench mechanism must be a collective decision by specialists so that there will be no charge exclusivity and lack of objectivity," adding that "It is not what is required is a change in itself but what is required is a change for the better and the adoption of professional and scientific controls away from quotas partisan and factional and regional. "

He Karbalai for "hope that the reform measures are at a faster pace and that all government agencies are working to achieve the satisfaction of the people."