Jubouri: Parliament is keen to follow up the Iraqi government reforms

09/10/2015 - 19:26


The head of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri, Parliament's keenness to follow up government reforms and the timing and to inform the Iraqi people through reforms surveillance as part of the Council's commitment to and responsibility, pointing to the existence of official letters issued by the Council to Dr. Haidar al-Abbadi Prime Minister Select time timings reforms and what has been accomplished and commitment.

He Jubouri - during the parliamentary session today / Thursday - to postpone hosting the House of Representatives to Ebadi to an emergency respect to him after he was scheduled to attend to the Council today, uncertain k of it will be rescheduled to host the prime minister next week to discuss what has been of reforms.

On the other hand, drew the Minister of Water Resources Iraqi Mohsen al-Shammari - in response to episodes questions in a session on water scarcity in Iraq, in the presence of Agriculture Minister Falah Hassan Zeidan - that the current year is a "drought year" for lack of water coming from Turkey and Iran.

Iraqi Minister of Agriculture, said that his ministry was aware of the occurrence of a shortage of water contained Iraq's share because of the control of terrorists from the organization (Daash) on some dams, pointing out that the Ministry of Agriculture has developed a plan in the near term based on the lack of crops that are frequently used water with the use of techniques Modern irrigation, pointing out that the responsibility for a common theme of water between the two ministries, The Ministry of Water Resources withhold water for those who exceed the quota with the Ministry of Agriculture is committed to a plan quality crops that are being grown and consume large amounts water.

He added that the ministry has worked on the introduction of plug connector to the service to enhance the Lake Thar Thar revenues, pointing out that the tongue, salted in Basra has spread to about 150-160 km towards the Shatt al-Arab, as the marshes were damaged by 35%, especially since the rainy revenues amounted to less than half in Iraq compared previous years.

Minister of Water Resources said the military fired water views across one of the canals to Razaza for security reasons; Which led to the water storage is not realizing any benefit, and that the Ministry closed the canal to stop water waste.