Parliamentary Finance is preparing a plan for "bridging the gaps" smuggling hard currency abroad

Special scales News - Detection of the parliamentary finance committee member Massoud Rostam, Thursday, for activating the plan to fill the gaps in front of the "political business" Almjmaya currency being smuggled abroad, stressing near-money laundering law legislation and vote on it.

Said Rustam's / scales News /, that "the work of the parliamentary finance committee at the moment is focused on filling the gaps in front of" business political "groups that smuggle hard currency" dollar "out of the country," stressing that "the committee has prepared a plan in coordination with the Central Bank and the Office of anti-money laundering detection and prosecution of those who then take the necessary measures against them."

He added, "The committee has completed all legal proceedings relating to the law of money laundering legislation in the nearest time", adding that he "would limit the smuggling currency out of the country and regulates banks and the Central Bank's work on hard" currency the dollar."

He denied Rustam, that "the committee be able to retrieve any sums of money through the files of the investigation of corruption or smuggling of currency", stressing that "the recovery of the money is very difficult and you need a real administrative reforms at all levels."

He revealed to the Parliamentary Integrity Committee member Mohammed fact that all "open a new file on corruption" traders "are fleeing the hard currency" dollar "abroad by buying goods at low prices, confirming the involvement of senior officials in that case."

He said the fact that L / scales News /, that "the issue of a new corruption ensured Parliamentary Integrity Commission investigated a" hard currency drain "out of the country by" traders "are standing behind senior officials in the state."

He added that "this process is done by some traders who derail the hard currency" dollar "of the country through the purchase of goods and goods very low prices worth," stressing that "Akhbarat from private sources and arrived at the committee of parliamentary integrity on the work of these traders."

He noted that "the prices of those goods do not compare the money that is taken out of the country under the pretext of import," explaining that "this process is to cover currency smuggling behind them senior officials process."

And it revealed to the economic and investment commission in Parliament that "the Presidency of the Council of Representatives received money from the draft Cabinet laundering law, asserting that the legislation delayed many and we need as soon as because it will contribute to the prevention of smuggling of currency abroad" .anthy / 29 / d 24