The inclusion of every individual Iraqi new law for salaries

Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Hamoudi, Wednesday, the inclusion of every Iraqi who is below the poverty line social care law, calling for the conversion of the amounts that are deducted and fines to the Welfare Fund. Hamoudi said during a meeting with the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Mohammad Xiaa Sudanese, "The Social Welfare Act ensures that every Iraqi below the poverty line financial resource", praising "the role of the ministry in a detailed data base are covered by this law preparation." Hamoudi and called for the "conversion of the amounts deducted by withholding the ration card for the rich and the collection of electricity and fines to the Social Welfare Fund," stressing "the importance of holding a joint meeting with the Finance committees, and women, family and childhood, and Labour and Social Affairs, with the Ministry of Labour to resolve all obstacles and discuss files necessary affecting the needs of citizens. " For his part, the price of the Minister of Labour, according to the statement, "the House's efforts to pass a labor law which is one of the important laws that preserve the rights of the scourge of unemployment and worker struggling significantly." The Ministry of Labor announced in (August 18, 2015) for the renovation of 90% of the data of the beneficiaries of social welfare, while confirming the arrival of their salaries to 420 thousand dinars a maximum according to the new Law on Social Protection.