Parliamentary Finance expects a deficit of 50 trillion 2016 budget

Thursday 10-09-2015 | 1:03:20

Twilight News / parliamentary Finance Committee predicted, on Thursday, rising Agr rate in the budget of 2016 to more than 50 trillion dinars due to the continuing decline in the sale of oil prices in world markets.

The Iraqi government says that the fiscal revenue realized from the sale of oil the first six months of this year to cover all drained Salary expenses after the sale of Iraq at a rate of less than $ 16 per barrel, according to estimates by the budget law.

The committee member said Sarhan Ahmad Twilight News, "It is expected that the financial Agr rate rise in the budget of 2016 to more than 50 trillion Iraqi dinars due to the continuing decline in oil prices in world markets," he said, adding that "the budget in 2015 despite calculate the price of a barrel to $ B56 was There is a deficit of 25 trillion dinars. "

Ahmed said that "the current rate of oil prices in global markets $ 40 Maani that the fiscal deficit will rise to more than 50 trillion dinars, although there are efforts to increase Iraq's oil exports."

The International Monetary Fund forecast last month, the Iraqi economy growth of 0.5% by the end of this year, thanks to expansion in the oil sector, and increase the contraction of economic activity in the non-oil.