House of Representatives finish reading three laws and submit parliamentary questions to the Ministers of Agriculture and Water Resources

House of Representatives ended its session held regular twenty headed by Dr. Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 252 deputies on Thursday 10/9/2015, read the three bills introduced in parliamentary questions for two masters ministers of agriculture and water resources.

At the outset of the meeting President al-Jubouri, he stressed that the submission of the question to the officials by the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives is the practice of democracy you get for the first time in the House of Representatives especially since the Iraqi constitution grants the Attorney right question, in advance thanks to the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives who provided editorial questions have been answered in writing, pointing out The oral question submitted by MP Khalid al-Asadi came in accordance with the articles of the Constitution and the rules of procedure.

Then he gave MP Khalid al-Asadi questions to Mr. Falah Hassan Zeidan, Minister of Agriculture and Mr. Mohsen al-Shammari Minister of Water Resources on the extent of knowledge of the size of the shortage of water and the drought situation frightening taking place in southern Iraq and the Euphrates basin the two ministries, which led to the migration of hundreds of families from those areas, inquiring about the existence of have a plan to avoid the shortfall and the measures taken regarding access to the excesses of water quotas and cultivation of a range of agricultural crops that require large amounts of water.

In response to questions said the Minister of Agriculture that the ministry was aware of the accession lack of water for the control of the terrorists on some dams, adding that the Ministry of Agriculture has developed a plan in the near term based on the lack of crops that are frequently used water including rice crop and plan other focused on support of modern irrigation techniques, adding that a joint responsibility between the two ministries, The Ministry of Water Resources withhold water for those who exceed quota with the Ministry of Agriculture is committed to a plan for the quality of the crops that are grown and Atsthlk large amounts of water.

For his part, Mr. Minister of Water Resources said the current year are considered for revenue water drought year for lack of water coming from Turkey and Iran, adding that the ministry There are no have the judicial authority to hold accountable Almottagaozyren on water quotas because of the decision to grant powers to the provinces alluding to hold a series of meetings to address the issue quotas are exceeded.

He pointed out that the ministry has worked on the introduction of plug connector to the service to enhance the Lake Thar Thar revenues, noting that the tongue, salted in Basra spread to about 150-160 km towards the Shatt al-Arab as the marshes were damaged by 35%, especially if rain revenue amounted to less than half in Iraq compared with previous years.

In the intervention of Vice-Asadi he wondered how to allow the cultivation of crops used for many water and feasibility of storing water in large quantities in Razaza confirming the presence of significant damage to the agricultural situation in southern Iraq.

In replying to the Minister of Agriculture he said that the ministry put the plans on the basis of agricultural water releases to the Ministry of Water Resources, according to a set of data between them and there is an abundance of water during the period of cultivation of a certain type of crop.

The Minister of Water Resources has been between that military views were fired water through a canal to Razaza For reasons of security, leading to storage is to Aahakq any interest alluding to the ministry after learning military procedure has to close the canal to stop wastage, adding that the Turkish side does not comply the release of water share of the Euphrates River, where did not reach the 15% of the quota.

For his part, MP Furat al-Tamimi Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture, Water and marshes that the Committee had already held a special in this regard seminars and recommended the support of the team negotiating the Foreign Ministry with the Turkish side for the purpose of obtaining water quota, noting that the Commission expected for the water crisis to the lack of revenues and exceeded provinces Lots calling on the government to the House of Representatives to intervene to resolve the issue.

For his part, he warned the MP Abdul Karim Alabtan get from desertification in Baghdad belt areas.

The MP pointed Awad al-Awadi, a severe shortage of drinking water has led to a large migration from central and southern regions of the country
Mr. Jubouri face of the Committee on Agriculture, Water and marshes studying the possibility of hosting Messrs ministers of agriculture and water resources in the event of a need for the Commission to expand the search with regard to sectors of agriculture and water resources.

After the Council ended the first reading of the draft law on ratification agreement on the encouragement and protection of investments between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the Republic of Belarus and submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations and the Economy and Investment for the purpose of ratification of the Convention Act.

Council and completed the second reading of the draft Fourth Amendment to the law of patents, industrial designs, Undisclosed Information, Integrated Circuits, Plant Varieties Act No. 65 of 1970 and submitted by the Commission services and reconstruction.

In the interventions of ladies and gentlemen of Representatives Rep. Najiba Najib called to the large number of amendments that undermine trust legislation calling for coordination with the concerned authorities for the purpose of examining the laws in detail to move away from the amendments.
The MP Abbas al-Bayati said the aim of the draft law on the transfer of patent department to the Ministry of Planning.

She MP Ghaida Kmbh to the need to cancel ordered dissolved Coalition Provisional Authority in this regard in order to remove the dispute over hand Hoc Liaison constituency concerned.

For its part, the Committee on the confirmed taking into consideration the interventions ladies and gentlemen MPs and their proposals for the purpose of amending the draft law.

In another matter Rep. Sherko Mirza read out a statement from the Commission on Higher Education and Scientific Research on the position of the Ministry of Higher Education of the House of Representatives resolutions, noting that the Commission has developed a table and a plan for everything related to the reality of education to reach the best solutions that are in the education reform.

The statement regretted that the Ministry's approval on some proposals and decisions taken by the Commission or the Council and especially Maitalq transit in the faculties of the medical group's decision and the appointment of the top students at each college in addition to the apology of the Minister of Education for hosting only with the consent of the Prime Minister, saying that the Commission considers the performance of The ministry has become constrained by a series of decisions of the board of the opinion that Ataatlaim with the conditions of the country.

A statement of the Commission on Higher Education to the presidency of the Council to take a decision on the host or the questioning of the Minister of Higher Education in the House of Representatives to determine the performance of the ministry.

On the other hand, Mr. Speaker explained that any appeal serves on the membership of Attorney settings lacking the policeman conservative bloc, which belongs not submit to the House of Representatives and deleted from the list health, pointing to the existence of the resignations submitted by some MPs will be presented to the Council after the examination.

Council completed the second reading of the draft reform of the inmates and depositors and submitted by the working committees social, legal, defense and security, human rights and law affairs.

In interventions ladies and gentlemen deputies on the draft law, the MP pointed Hamdiya Husseini to the need to amend the language and legal formulations contained the draft law.

She suggested Rep. Nora Albjara cooperation with the Ministry of Labour for the disbursement of funds and the rehabilitation of women inmates after the expiration of their sentences.

He noted the MP Abbas al-Bayati, a free bill of definitions that define the powers of officials and stakeholders, stressing the importance of providing places for family visit.

The MP called on the high Nassif to determine the number of inmates in each room inside the prison for security reasons and precautionary.
For his part, Rep. Joseph Saliwa student grant freedom for guests to choose religious awareness.

The MP Arshad Salihi paragraph concerning the need for accountability of the distinction between inmates by religious and sectarian factional included law.

MP Mohammed Naji urged to increase the number of visits Bawail special guests and differentiate between the guest who commits a crime and between his family and called to give guest the right to submit a complaint against the penalty imposed on it.

The MP Awad al-Awadi said the law processing huge numbers of guests and seek to rehabilitate infrastructure as well as establishing a clear mechanism for the establishment of prisons.

He demanded Rep. Rankin Abdullah to clarify the criteria to be adopted in order to bind guests Ptoeithm religiously especially with the presence of constitutional articles that protect the freedom of the citizen.

For his part, MP Mahmoud Reda to give guests a brochure includes a list of his rights in the language he understands.

He noted the MP Birwan Khilani to the importance of the law to include material specific to the mechanism of selecting supervisors and researchers by the party responsible for the guests.

The MP Furat al-Tamimi need for the Ministry of the Interior and contribute to the establishment of training courses to prepare the prison guards skills.
Olive and stressed the importance of al-Dulaimi MP ensures that the law providing for guests treatment and to prevent infectious diseases and to facilitate visits by international medical teams.

He suggested MP Zana capable happy Add paragraphs of the draft law aims to achieve international standards of human rights and create an atmosphere conducive to reform and that the guests are allowed international bodies to prisons to monitor their situation.

In its response to the interventions committees confirmed that the law has seen many changes since its presence in the House of Representatives three years ago, citing taking remarks Ladies and gentlemen, the House of Representatives to amend the law, pointing to the importance of complete separation between inmates according to their cases.

In another matter, Mr. Speaker stressed the keenness of the House of Representatives in the follow-up of government reforms and the timing and inform the Iraqi people through monitoring reforms as part of the Council's commitment to and responsibility of pointing to the existence of official letters issued by the Council to the prime minister asking him to Mr. Prime Minister and determine timings Time to reform what has been accomplished and commitment.

President al-Jubouri and announced the postponement of hosting the House of Representatives to Mr. Haider Abadi, the Prime Minister of an emergency related to it after it was scheduled to attend the Council stressing that a new date will be selected to host the Prime Minister in the next week to discuss what has been of reforms.

And then it decided to adjourn the meeting to next Sunday 13/9/2015

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