Government Abadi into the political blocs and the popular movement

By Mohammed Emad

10/09/2015 01:01

Brother - Follow-up
Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) And at all levels did not face the challenges of government as it faced the Government of Haider al-Abadi, despite all it has received the support of internal, regional and international support, followed by religious and public mandate to its president a rare is the other. For occurred severe economic crisis because of lower oil prices and the emptiness of the budget as well as the occupation of gangs Daash of the connector and its expansion to Salahuddin, Diyala, came the formation of the government, according to a document known as the political agreement.

After a full year after all these challenges What has been achieved and what is required to achieve?

Political forces and blocs in addition to the popular crowd and civil mobility paint a picture of dealing with the events and related accessories in light of what happened, especially during the current year (2015) as far as seen from the victories of the security forces on gangs Daash represents the liberation of Diyala, Salahuddin province, with the exception of Sharqat and large parts of Anbar province and secure Baghdad belt, he saw the first mass movement supportive of the government in the context of the fight against corruption, which the popular crowd and civil movement leaders agreed that among the most important factors that led to the loss of Mosul and wasting huge amounts of money.

The leadership of the popular crowd and in the words of its spokesman Karim al-Nuri said in his speech (IMN) That "the prime minister Haider al-Abadi, who had seized power in the light of the serious challenges to work on building bridges of trust with all political parties and Almkoonatih which is reflected positively on the relationship between the popular crowd, which form the basis of a fatwa reference as well as coordination among the crowd, the army and people of the tribes it who has had the most impact in the victories achieved against Daash gangs despite the financial, military and other difficulties. "

He adds Nouri said, "The outcome now is that, despite the busy demonstrations and demands of citizens and calls for reforms, the victories ongoing against those gangs because of this cohesion between the EP and the crowd and the sons of the tribes on the one hand and between the government and the rest of the partners who started and despite differences in many joints feel responsible and how Daash threat to everyone. "

The leadership of the civil movement sees its part, and in the words of one of its coordinators, a Raed Fahmi in an interview (IMN) That "al-Abadi came across unanimously has such a different approach even before the start of the demonstrations, although he faced a heavy legacy and great challenges."

Fahmi and can alert you to that, "Despite the challenges and risks, the first thing to do is to Abadi, he adopted a moderate and not a speech that made him Ascending extend bridges of trust with everyone, whether they are inside the component that belongs to him or with Sunni and Kurdish partners."

He explained Fahmy said that "the lesson now and through demonstrations and protests are in the way hire it at the level of what has been achieved from the achievements of during the demonstrations that came are other supportive to him and not against him, and this is an issue we continue to wait for him to translate more effectively in terms of reform packages adopted by boldly but There are those who still try to block it this way Autlk. "

Kurdish vision always linking any controversial issue between the Constitution, which is the response for a red line as a guarantor of the components of the Iraqi relationship as head of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc in the House of Representatives Abdul Aziz Hassan sees in his speech (IMN), Where he says that "the Kurdistan Alliance was still supportive government guidelines in different areas and fields with a focus on what we agreed upon from the beginning and who knew the document the political agreement as we believe that the level of what carried them did not quite live up to our ambition and aspiration level of the government itself."

Hassan added that "it is fair to say that the imbalance in the application of Ataathmlh government alone nor the prime minister alone, but is the responsibility of everyone, and I mean here is that you must all legislative, executive and judicial authorities of their obligations in order to achieve real reform and resolving outstanding differences, although the atmosphere is not negative at the level of relations both between the blocks or the authorities or between the federal government and the government of the province. "

In the context that sees member bloc Salah Aerbawi in an interview (IMN) That "the National Alliance to support the current government and its president, Haydar al-Abadi, but in the framework of the Constitution voted by the 12 million Iraqis and we are over the past year we observed good performance and supported him and expressed our observations on the performance that we see is not good and we expressed our opinion it clearly," adding that "ongoing reforms Now a year after the formation of the government it believes that it is necessary to be serious and radical and matching with the Constitution and law, comprehensive and balanced.