Prime integrity discuss with the Office of the Director of Interpol ways to activate the defendants and recover the money smuggled files

By Mohammed Emad

10/09/2015 11:11

Brother - Baghdad
Search head of the Integrity Commission agency Hassan al-Yassiri with President of the Arab and International Police Service (Interpol), Major General Mohsen Hadi Mahmoud ways of activating the recovery of accused and convicted of money and smuggled out of Iraq.

According to a statement of the body "that Yasiri display during the meeting, which was attended by a number of Bureau officers, a set of proposals that would expedite the completion of the special Files Recovery accused and convicted persons, stressing the importance of improving standards (legal and judicial) approved in the recovery files, in order to align them with internationally recognized standards, pointing guaranteed to adequate and accurate information to the personal data and descriptions of the defendants, with the possibility of adopting modern means of identification, Kalpsamh electronic, fingerprint eyes and other sophisticated means internationally adopted for this purpose. "

The meeting discussed the distortion of names that are used by some of the accused and convicted issues, in order to mislead the authorities and camouflage and double nationalities, some of them caused a stir a lot of problems and is prohibitive to recover many of the defendants in addition to the integration of smuggled money in the economies of countries babysitter for the accused, and other issues is one of the Almarqlat which hinder the implementation of the redemption requests. "

And touched on the role that could be played by the Supreme Judicial Federal Council in this area, and what can be provided by the judiciary, for the purpose of pressure on countries incubator of the accused and fugitives, pointing out that the information required to be provided; for uncles names of the accused in the red bulletins and blue two special names of internationally wanted and identify places of residence in the various countries of the world. "

They agreed to find alternative ways of cooperation with the countries belonging to Riyadh for the recovery of assets and accused the Convention, through diplomatic channels, and Arab investment conventions and UN anti-corruption. "

The Yassiri had announced during its review of the finished body for the first half of this year for the work of the Commission at (242) special file recovery fugitives, including: (157) dossier is ready, and (85) a dossier under preparation, stressing that these files activation and delivery fugitives and sent back to Iraq depends in part on the important help countries foster them. "