Source: Investment Minister outside speculation exclusion

Ministry of Investment official source confirmed that all indicators confirm Ashraf Salman exception Minister of Investment of any cabinet reshuffles imminent, as the Minister is required President Abdel Fattah # Sisi in his tour of the Asian final, and had a significant role in the round in terms of investment and promotion of the sector.

He said in exclusive statements to the veto that the Minister of Investment of the leading participants in the Euromoney Conference to be held in the next few days, pointing out that it is difficult to dispense Minister of Investment during prospective ministerial amendments, especially as he is concerned primarily conference Investment in Upper Egypt, to be held in November .

Accordingly, the source expected the continuation of Ashraf Salman in his ministerial functions, noting that the minister has not been raised in the name of the names put forward for change.

The well-informed sources revealed that there is a cabinet reshuffle imminent, was completed and ready, awaiting the president's decision Fattah # Sisi. Sources revealed that the amendment includes the ministers of education, manpower, agriculture, irrigation, and culture, and the environment.
The sources pointed out that the leading cause confusion performance reshuffle within the ministries subject to modification.