Adviser to the Prime Minister: Sectoral loans granted through the electronic window

BAGHDAD / JD / .. Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister revealed the appearance of Mohammed Saleh on the development of a new mechanism for lending-mail, as he emphasized that the new mechanism will enable applicants for loans fill out forms via the internet. The appearance told / KD / The "loans made ​​by the government, which boost Recently, amounting to 6 trillion dinars, of which 5 trillion in loans sectoral include residential, agricultural and industrial loans ", as well as one trillion dinars for small enterprises. Saleh added that" the new mechanism to apply for loans will include opening a window for the electronic Central Bank of Iraq as it will be able to applicants fill out electronic forms via the Internet "Thus, these applications will be submitted to a specialized committee mission sort applications first and nominate them" and continued economic adviser to the prime minister that "a group of experts working on the electronic window processing, noting that" the launch will be in the coming weeks.