Chairman of the Committee on Migration will meet with Vice President of the Dutch Embassy Mission

Chairman of the Committee of Displacement and Migration MP met Raad Aldhlki on Wednesday, 09/09/2015 Deputy Head of Mission Embassy Dutch Jan van Wayne and first secretary for political affairs and displaced grant from the Dutch government for the displaced and displaced Iraqis to discuss. And between the Wynn during the meeting that the Dutch government has shown its willingness to support the displaced and displaced slice and doubling financial assistance to them that Stmanhnha the Kurdistan region and the central government.
For his part, MP for Aldhlki Omtnaih and appreciation for this great initiative by the Government of the Netherlands and its people Karim.
And the deputy Aldhlki that displaced people and displaced Iraqis are subjected today to a real disaster, where they were trapped by organizing Daash terror on the one hand and the denial of government monthly subsidies allocated to them on the other hand, which led to the deterioration of the economic and social status, Aldhlki He said that the case turned out last since the start of young people Iraqi mass migration out of Iraq this Alammeraly resulting in negative repercussions on the future of Iraq. He called Aldhlki, international organizations and human rights organizations to stand with the plight of the Iraqi people and support before it is too late.