More than 400 000 Iraqis, including 70% of young people migrated abroad

Revealed in a parliamentary immigration committee member said Wednesday that "more than 400 000 Iraqis, including 70% of young people migrated abroad".
And between Majid Chenkali that "to stop the emigration of young people must know the reasons, the most important Alodaan economic security, as well as the lack of jobs and widespread unemployment at youth level." He called Chenkali government to make efforts to achieve stability and security by taking out Daash guerrilla terrorist of the country and to be the weapon exclusively to the state and support the private sector, particularly trade, industry and agriculture to create jobs for young people, as well as providing small loans to start life will help them to live in their country with dignity, freedom and security , explaining that "if there was interest for displaced Iraqis told emigration."
He said he "has to be attention to displaced people in hot spots and provide all means of support to live a stable in their own life instead of resorting to European countries," revealing "more than 400 000 Iraqis, including 70% of young people have migrated abroad."
Chenkali He pointed out that "the number of young people returning from European countries very little, but there are a lot of Iraqis in Turkey want to return to Iraq, in particular the staff and students of universities."
The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Iraq warned of the risk of increased illegal immigration, particularly of young people and families, because they affect the future of the country, demanding the government put plans to attract youth energies.
The religious authority expressed its deep concern of this migration, calling on officials to put development plans challenge them.
The Ministry of Displacement and Migration, warned of the repercussions of the continued migration of Iraqis, noting that the increase in the number of migrants will cause the displacement of the population is the most important age group.