Interior discussing with the secretariat of Baghdad, creating the necessary structures for a project of national card

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Search Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban with Amina Baghdad anniversary Alloush, creating the necessary structures for a project of national card.
According to a ministry statement, received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of the Ghabban "met in his office this morning Amina Baghdad anniversary Alloush, and took place during the meeting, they discussed a number of common issues related to the strengthening of the bonds of work and development between the ministry and the Secretariat for returning positive effects on the citizen-Baghdadi ".
He said the meeting included" discuss support for the Ministry of Interior's efforts in national card project and the creation of buildings needed for the project, as well as the contribution of the secretariat of Baghdad to assign the ministry's effort in qualifying Sitarat Baghdad belt especially with regard to land the administrative boundaries of the secretariat. "The Ghabban, according to the statement, "the need to open up many of cooperation between the ministry and the secretariat of Baghdad, the close link between them in order to provide services and security for the people of Baghdad."
The Ministry of Interior announced yesterday, starting a unified national card distribution process in Baghdad Sunday.
said in a statement received by [where], that "the Minister Interior Mohamed Salem Al Ghabban presided over the weekly meeting of the Higher Committee for the draft national card The meeting included sexual managers and national card, planning and accounting and engineering, as well as some specialists in the subject of those chock and supportive.
"The meeting discussed according to the statement," What has been done in previous meetings and the process of starting the distribution process in terms of the bridge Directorate in Baghdad starting on 09.13.2015, which has archive records, where they were creating cadres to start working.
"They also discussed" the readiness is intended for a national card in Baghdad and the provinces of buildings with an emphasis on those buildings that need to be able to provide comfort the citizen and the smooth flow of work and are far from the traditional and close to residential areas style to facilitate the review, also took the Directorate of engineering it upon themselves to coordinate with the general sexual Directorate to put tables designs Civil Status circles and calculate the momentum of the reviewers for this circuit.
"The Interior Ministry has launched in 25 of last July, in the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, a unified national card, which will be an alternative to the four official archives project [identity citizenship status and citizenship certificate and card housing and the ration card] in the promotion of citizens' transactions, as it aims to reduce the administrative and financial corruption as well as security features.
announced the Secretariat The Council of Ministers, on 23 June last, to send a draft law to the card and the Ministry of State for Provincial Affairs and the House of Representatives. The Council of Ministers approved on 19 of last May, the draft law Aloutnah.anthy card