National Alliance Diyala held an extraordinary meeting and issued four major decisions

Wed Sep 09 2015
16:46 | (Voice of Iraq) - Diyala held the National Alliance in the Diyala provincial council, on Wednesday, an extraordinary meeting in Baquba, and the issuance of four major decisions, notably to authorize the Governor to change administrative units managers. He said the National Alliance Council Diyala member Ahmed al-Rubaie "The National Alliance in Diyala Council with all political currents held today, an extraordinary meeting in Baquba eat extensive reading of the nature of the political and security and the peaceful demonstrations scene that have recently emerged in some cities in Diyala, calling for reform and change and the fight against financial and administrative corruption." Rubaie said that "coalition issued after the meeting Four major decisions are to authorize the Governor Muthana al-Tamimi authority to change administrative units managers according to what serves the public interest in terms of reform, in addition to opening all financial files of corruption since 2004 to the present day and the formation of a higher committee for reconstruction and rapid response to the demands of the demonstrators in accordance with the powers available ". He said al-Rubaie to "Coalition decisions came in line with the demands of the demonstrators demanding reform and the fight against financial corruption and work to change reality so as to contribute to the achievement of public optimism." He has the National Alliance in Diyala Council of 13 seats out of 29 represents the total council seats, one of the most important political currents in Diyala

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