Maliki's coalition brings together 100 signatures to dismiss the head of the House of Representatives

Announced a coalition of state law, the collection of more than a hundred signatures to dismiss Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri of office, accounting and Iraqi politicians took part in the Doha conference. The deputies considered for the National Alliance, on Sunday, that the Doha conference is an extension of the sit-Anbar province, which paved the way for the entry (Daash) for Iraq and seize his land and the displacement and killing of his sons. They called House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri and his accompanying delegation to clarify the circumstances of his visit to Qatar hearing in public, as he emphasized the Kurdistan Alliance opposition to any Baathist move the political arena, especially that the Constitution prevents it, calling to wait for visibility by the referee at the conference. The source close to the prime minister denied , in (the first of September the current), the Iraqi government agreed to share some Iraqi politicians in Qatar Conference. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, denied Sunday, the participation of the President of the House of Representatives, Saleem al-Jubouri, the Doha Conference, indicating that he did not meet with any personal participation in the conference and that his visit came to the development of bilateral relations between the two countries and provide invitation of Foreign Minister of the country to attend on terrorism conference in Baghdad.
The MP said Mohammed Chihod, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The State of Law coalition adopted a request for dismissal of the President of the House of Representatives, Saleem al-Jubouri, for attending a conference of the opposition was held in Qatar ", noting that" the coalition collect the signatures of more than a hundred Vice majority of its members and some of the National Alliance blocks and National Forces Alliance.
"He added Chihod" The demand must have signed 110 deputies, "likely" enables a coalition of state law collection of that number. " In turn, the MP said the movement of the people of the right were part of the National Alliance Hassan Salem said that "America has not only industry Daash in Iraq, but exercised a conspiracy against the country's rings through planning -alzio American who sponsored the germ Qatar sponsors of terrorism through conferences conspiracy to Iraq contract, and the contract Doha conference, which included the Baath leaders buried and outlaws and killers of the Iraqi people and the promoters of sectarian strife.
"At a joint news conference with MP for the coalition of state law Kazem Sayadi, was held in the parliament building and attended by the (long-Presse), Salim expressed his surprise at the" involvement of some politicians Iraqis in the anti-conference of the political process and Iraq, which included the killers of the Iraqi people instead of condemnation and denunciation, "describing the" visit of the President of the Iraqi parliament to Qatar in conjunction with the conference Balogrb.
"He criticized member bloc are sincere" attitude of the government and the State not to raise complaints of the United Nations against the State of Qatar as a sponsor of terrorism , and to hold the Iraqi officials who participated the conference, "asserting that" the adoption of the National Guard Act, which formats conspiratorial way against the popular crowd is another plot complementary to the Doha conference and the enactment of the Law Biden to divide Iraq.
"He stressed Salem to" reject fateful Conference and the law of the National Guard, "and accused some to "hold bargains to prevent collusion and hold accountable those who took part in the Doha conference." He revealed, "collected more than 100 signatures to the dismissal of the speaker of parliament and to hold politicians participating in the conference." For his part, MP for the coalition of state law Kazem Sayadi, "The National Alliance has two choices. First collect the signatures of 110 deputies and then vote on the dismissal of al-Jubouri half plus one, or interrogation of al-Jubouri, in the event of failure to do so, which requires 25 signatures."
He stressed Sayadi "The National Alliance past in holding accountable those who attended the Doha conference of officials and root out all the ideas that are trying to restore the Baath to political life," warning "all politicians who did not sign the paper dismissal Jubouri display their names in the event of non-approval of the dismissal and Accounting participants in the conference" .
On the other hand, said Deputy Chairman of the Legal Committee Muhsin al-Sadoun, said that the change of the Presidency of Parliament need to "175 deputies approval."
Sadoun said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The rules of procedure of the House of Representatives states that the dismissal of the Presidency are the approval of 175 deputies the number of those present, in the case of violating the Constitution or legislation, "noting that" some political blocs did not indicate its point of view on this issue so far.
"Furthermore, said MP from the Civil Alliance high-Sheikh Ali, during a press conference at the parliament building and attended (range Press ), said that "the postponement of the parliamentary session was due to a number of MPs campaign collecting signatures for the dismissal of President of the Council Saleem al-Jubouri, against the backdrop of his visit to the State of Qatar." He called Sheikh Ali, the House of Representatives to "stop the campaign, because the country is unlikely to further crises."