Achieving economic reforms need to increase investment awareness

9/10/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Joseph Zayer
Escalated flow of ideas and propose appropriate measures to deal with the reforms announced by the executive and legislative authority to reduce the impact of the serious economic crisis facing the country and the challenges of large packs. The Ministry of Industry has announced taken a number of measures and actions over the past week, which marked its operation as it has been confirmed importance of all involved in economic affairs and those interested in the development of plans to conduct the Iraqi economy correct destination to spare the country the scourge and results of the wrong policies pursued for more than three decades.

Has between Minister Industry Mohammed Darraji told a news conference recently, that «technical reforms include attracting private sector and investment in the ministry coefficient giving necessary to participate in the management of production processes and channel capital to rehabilitate the factory facilities, those reforms also include mineral investment and encourage domestic and foreign investment capital in Industry sector in various specialties of manufacturing and extractive, and facilitate bureaucratic procedures followed in Geological Survey and activate its role to serve the reform process as a whole targets ».

He Darraji, that« financial measures include work on activating the tariff law and apply it to all border crossing points, without exception, and demand from the territory Kurdistan application of this law, and work on a customs detachments on the exits of the region towards the territory of the center to adjust the inspection process of the commodities on the one hand the region in terms of quality and pay the customs fees ».

He was an expert in financial control Legal Affairs and Accounting Dr. Saadi Frye has called in a special interview for «morning» that is initialized with all the requirements to meet the tariffs on all imports from the Kurdistan region through ports that could be developed at crossing points to the rest of the Iraqi provinces, so as to reduce impediments to the required policy application collects customs tariff, where calls for local authorities, which runs the rest of the ports border by treating them equally with the territory.

He added Frye that it is very important to establish a regulatory device strictly supervises the work of the competent authorities to collect tariffs at border crossing points and in the headquarters of the departments concerned, as the financial and administrative corruption in this sector of the economy can Aitiha all the plans and creates a serious crisis we In indispensable.

He Frei to the civilized nations boasts the type and the results of tax policies and the success of these policies to achieve the most important goal of maximizing budget resources from legitimate sources and commensurate with their plans to build their societies conscious of its role in the economic reconstruction process, as well as student Frei that is to educate citizens on the spirit performance rights required him to his country without coercion Ki obtained thus the privileges commensurate with the level of this performance.

Came in a joint article written by both Klaus Schwab and Richard Samanz The economists, he published two days ago at the site of Project Sandhikat, forward the perceptions of the reform as follows stressing the most important The data that must be provided to ensure the success of the reform and therefore the success of the development:

The concept of «structural reform» usually refers to measures aimed at promoting economic growth by sharpening market indicators and restore the health of public finances. Such policies are usually applied in response to the financial crisis or those relating to the balance of payments, which usually put pressure on living standards in the short term, but the strengthening of institutions in the areas of promoting social integration are also a form of structural reform. In this case aimed at enhancing the contribution of growth in the living standards of the broad and enhance its flexibility and hardness.

They stressed the importance of the inclusion of educational opportunities and the relationship between productivity and wages and the effectiveness of the role of investment in the real economy within the financial system and infrastructure and the actual digital coverage and adequacy of basic social protections which also include areas not traditionally associated with equality - such as to facilitate the building assets of During the small and home business ownership and the fight against corruption, but also important, such as education or re-distribution to the improvement of living standards.