The economics of the private sector

9/10/2015 0:00

Ali Hassan al-Fawaz
Economies of the countries dependent on the presence and realistic economic programs, enforceable, and with the feasibility of the expansion of interest, and in reducing the unemployment rate, and in the success of some economic development workshops..

Central Bank of Iraq policy put itself in the context of the search for identity amid a lot of problems the continent and potential, and figured that the bank sought to unlock loans of large and small projects will be part of the face Matbdy in the economic reality of these problems, and if you specify the loan amount to 50 million dinars, setting a time limit for repayment within three or four years, a goal of the reality of these loans, the Taker escalate inflation will also be a constraint for the success of such loans.

Moreover, this endeavor will be unconscious for its value if not accompanied by the existence of a plan and a program aimed at activating the scientific base and statistical economics of the private sector, and with a protectionist and legal for the sector policies, it is not reasonable establishment of projects for industries and national vs. the presence of random and unplanned goods imports can be produced locally ..

Aside from the facilities announced by the bank in conjunction with giving these loans, the presence of good environment and local markets will be is a big bet on the feasibility of survival of such loans, and to secure real opportunities guarantor to repay them by beneficiaries of entrepreneurs, and attributes this environment also need a package of measures and laws, as well as the requirements of the organization's policies can have to strengthen the path of this process to restore confidence in the private sector level, and to secure guarantors areas to encourage the craft skills, and marketing industry and consumption, towards the reorganization of the sector and strengthen its role in the economic structure, as well as boost confidence in banks own important Xand official banks, which can ensure Tukelha by the Central Bank of Iraq to secure such a loan specific and well-known and guarantees ..

The recovery of the private sector, and activate the loan policy by banks It aims to expand the movement of labor and employment non-governmental organizations, as well as its role in creating economic spaces for development and to contribute to the diversification of the national wealth sources and overcome the economic recession and reduce unemployment rates knots, and the creation of a national competition with imported goods ..

Thinking support own economies also requires serious review, and developing frameworks to regulate such economies in industry, agriculture, trade, tourism and other sectors, and in accordance with the market need and compensation for the importing, and away from the slums which have put such an idea in front of another face of corruption, speculation, and even the sale of projects to destinations become a professional in this aspect ..