The Ministry of Finance is working on the preparation of 2016 budget in four months

By Mustafa Curran

57 minutes ago

Roudao - Baghdad

According to the House of Representatives member from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc, Masood Haider, Wednesday, that the Ministry of Finance has been working for four months on the preparation of the financial budget of the country for the year 2016.

Haider said the Finance Committee is a member, to network Roudao media that "the Ministry of Finance is working since May to prepare the state budget for the project in 2016, but there is no information about whether they have been completed or not."

Haider said that "there are some threads that do not know anything about it, such as guess the price of a barrel of oil to determine the budget accordingly, and the share of Kurdistan province, you will be within the budget or beyond."

On the Kurdistan Region's budget, Haider said: "I spoke with the Chairman of the Finance Committee, Ahmad Chalabi, said that there were reports that the Kurdistan Region's budget is not part of the state budget for the year 2016, but this is unconfirmed."

"If you were not the province of Kurdistan within the budget of the state budget, there are points sovereign governor, we are with them participants in the Iraqi state, and there are things such as, for example, the agricultural side, wheat, and the central government has allocated budget for the Kurdistan Region."

Despite the approval of the Iraqi government to balance public finances of the country for the year 2015, which was included in the share of the Kurdistan Region on the oil agreement concluded between the two sides at the end of last year, but that Baghdad has not committed to sending a full share of the province.