Hamoudi: I will not vote on the National Guard law unless rights in line with the popular crowd

Twilight News / announced the Presidency of the Council of Representatives member Hamoudi said Wednesday that he will not be voting on the draft of the National Guard if the law did not include the rights of the popular crowd fighters and victories they have achieved.

Said Hamoudi said in a statement responded to Twilight News, that the project of the National Guard Act, which our face lifting of the agenda of the Council in agreement with the Presidency, noting that he will not vote for it unless it is in line with the size of the victories achieved by the crowd People and security forces and preserves their full rights.

He added that the project of the National Guard law must preserve the unity of the country and ensure the participation of everyone in the responsibility of all components and the provinces of Iraq, pointing to the need for its association with General Commander of the Armed Forces.

He said Hamoudi said the law should be supportive of the security forces and the popular crowd in the face of terrorism and to achieve stability and promoting national unity, stressing the categorical rejection that there will be a local force to the provinces with the presence of local police.