Kirkuk council calls regardless of the budget spent on the stalled projects

Kirkuk / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - Kirkuk Provincial Council student regardless maintain balance in order to re-work projects stalled because of financial hardship.

He informed the provincial council member Raad Rushdie Center Brief earlier, that the local government received 14 billion dinars, a petro-dollar benefits.

He said Council member Jamal's born (IMN) said that "the province did not get their dues from the budget two years ago, so there is a lot of stalled investment projects."

The Commission on services and reconstruction parliamentary Earlier, it had been agreed with the federal government to develop a plan for organizing and arranging services to be offered in the provinces during 2016.

He born and added that "the province is witnessing projects stopped entirely due to delay disbursement of funds under the 2015 budget," asserting that "has been to address the Ministry of Finance officially launched the proportion of 10% of the agreed budget, amounting to 140 billion dinars."

The parliamentary Finance Committee announced earlier, all directed to the reduction of ministries and bodies and government agencies spending to its lowest level in order to reduce the fiscal deficit in the federal budget size.