Belgian opening of the first hotel in Erbil in the Radisson Hotel chain

Arbil scales News - Carlson Rezidor announced the company Carlson Rezidor Belgian, Wednesday, intention opening its first hotel in Erbil in the Radisson Blu Hotel chain Radisson Blu Hotel, during 2017, while shown that boasts 260 rooms with many services and recreational facilities.

The company said in a statement that "the first hotel in Iraq, a series of hotels Radisson Blu Hotel Radisson Blu Hotel is currently being held in Arbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region," expressing the hope that "it opened in 2017".

She Rezidor, that "the opening of this hotel in Erbil (360 km) north of Baghdad, bringing the number of Rezidor Hotel Group hotels spread to 81 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa."

The statement quoted the Executive Director of the company Carlson Rezidor president, Wolfgang Neumann, saying that "the strategy of the company's long-term target of sustained economic growth, with a focus on emerging markets positions," returned to "the Kurdistan region are among the most interesting in the Middle East emerging markets, It not is affected by factors of instability experienced by Iraq, and is characterized by an underlying business cards worthwhile. "

For his part, Vice President of the company, Mark Willis, according to the statement, that it was "easy to talk about the future of Iraq promised, and we are eager to invest in projects in Iraq, where the big opportunities for those projects is available, and the country's well-known hospitality," he continued, "have I went for in the territory Kurdistan and the rest of Iraq, when I took office in the company and looked at the potential investment opportunities."

According to the company, that "the site Radisson Blu Hotel Erbil hotel consisting of 260 rooms, is located just three kilometers from Erbil International Airport, will feature restaurants offering their services around the clock with a specialized restaurants and a meeting with bar facilities, concerts and dance and sports club and resort mineral water" .anthy 29 / d 25