Kurdistan puts a condition for the vote on the National Guard Law

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - the Kurdistan Alliance bloc member Abdul Aziz Hassan said that his bloc vote on the National Guard to meet the law is subject to the sole condition to the mechanism for the formation of the National Guard in the disputed areas between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

He said Hassan's (IMN), that "the Kurdistan Alliance has one condition for the approval of the National Guard Law, is that under Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution areas there must be coordination and cooperation with the Peshmerga forces to form the popular crowd forces in those areas."

Hassan explained in the Commission on Security and Defense, a member of the "Peshmerga forces now control many of the disputed areas after the expulsion of the terrorist gangs Daash of them, and the formation of the popular crowd forces in these areas without coordination with the Peshmerga forces would disrupt the security situation".

He continued that "the current National Guard Act is intended to regulate all forces fighting Daash terrorist gangs for the next stage," noting that "the law is not about my future and the current phase which includes the face Aldoaash".

Announced yesterday factions of the popular crowd combined absolute refusal to approve the National Guard in its current form the law, and called on the House of Representatives rejected and considered to law "does not save the blood and sacrifices of widows and orphans and the crowd fighters and the resistance factions."