National Guard Law controversy & fears of exploit internal infighting 9/8
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Thread: National Guard Law controversy & fears of exploit internal infighting 9/8

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    National Guard Law controversy & fears of exploit internal infighting 9/8

    The continuing controversy over the National Guard and law amid fears of exploitation of internal infighting

    Confirmed the MP for Ashwaq dry Kurdistan Alliance, the National Guard, the law can not be passed without the consensus of all political blocs it because of its impact on the security situation in the country and as pointed out that the alliance to which they belong with the approval of the law indicated the existence of some differences around between various blocs.

    The dry Radio tow that the Kurdistan Alliance with the approval of the law is that all the political blocs different in some articles of the law, especially with regard to the possibility of moving troops out of the province or confined to their tasks in maintaining that form where, adding that the approval of the law must be done by all the political blocs in connection with direct the security of the country.

    For its part, expressed its reservation on the mass of the citizen-led provincial governments Guard troops be certain that the National Alliance insists that be centralized leadership of those forces to avoid confusion in the war with Daash.

    He said MP from the bloc Hassan Khalati that other point, which is unfavorable to the middle provinces and the south is the mechanism of formation of these forces on the basis of the ratio of each province which sees the Sunni component, while the National Alliance demands that the popular crowd and Arab tribes fighting actually Daash is the nucleus that is formed So the guard.

    To that description body of opinion in the popular crowd member Karim al-Nuri law in its current form and that it will generate amalgam Musharanh militias.

    He said Al-Nouri told Radio tow the law allows arming those forces that will be devoted accents of the southern provinces living poverty oil while the government not be able to prosecute the wanted within the provinces will each own army and allow them to arms manufacturing as well as it is nothing more than a trap for ripping The unity of the country.

    He announced the coalition of state law in parliament for refusing to pass the National Guard Law, said the head were part of the coalition, the Dawa Party, a block behind Abdul Samad during a press conference held in his office in Basra said that the law had been drawn out of bounds and came to the division of Iraq within the Biden project that wills him to the United States American dividing Iraq into three mini-states, pointing out that this law aims to form armies inside Iraq fighting among themselves, he said, stressing rejection of other blocks as well as the rule of law as well as the individual to pass a law of the members of the National Guard.
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