NextThursday .. Iraq begins to promote an international bond issue

Baghdad scales News - Banking sources said that the Iraqi government will promote the campaign on Thursday for the first international bond issue in nine years as it seeks to finance a budget deficit because of falling oil prices and the war against terror Daash.

The sources told Reuters that "Baghdad want to combine up to six billion dollars in a series of versions of dollar bonds, but the first version is expected to be much smaller."

Said Mrtbo versions that "Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan arranging version and will begin meetings with investors in the United Kingdom and the United States."

Although "of political risks in Iraq are expected to contribute to Baghdad put the largest oil producer in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries as the second (OPEC) to reassure buyers on entitlements and the large oil fields in the south of the country was not exposed to fight directly in addition to that Iraq adopts plan ambitious will continue for several years to increase its production of oil."

It is expected that "Baghdad paid a high price for borrowing with a 10.37 percent return on Iraq's dollar bonds due in 2028" .anthy 29 / d 25