Endowments parliamentary legislation to end the special law societal peace plan

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - Committee of Awqaf and Religious Affairs by Hana Turki said that the special committee completed the transfer document societal peace to a bill voted on by the Council plan, stating that the project will be submitted to the presidency of parliament.

Chairman of the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs Abdel Azim parliamentary Healing promised earlier, the role of the Iraqi Media Network President to adopt the document and the success of community peace through cooperation with the Committee and the definition of the objectives of the document.

She Turki's (IMN) that "the Commission began examining a number of draft laws in order to be included on the agenda of the House of Representatives agenda," indicating that the committee "has completed the development of an integrated plan for writing project societal peace, which serves the peaceful coexistence between the Iraqi people the law."

He continued that "the plan for the project is on its way to the presidency of the parliament to obtain official approval for the inclusion of the law on the list of the Council."

The Committee of Awqaf and Religious Affairs launched earlier, a document on community peace, and promised initiative in the framework converted into law, where the document was presented to the majority Sunni and Shiite, Christian and Alsabiah and other Iraqi factions religious references.