Deputy for the rule of law: Doha serious conspiracy against Iraq and the presence of al-Jubouri, a great tragedy

Baghdad and babysit - MP for the rule of law Messenger Radi, a serious conspiracy against Iraq by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and America. "Noting that the presence of al-Jubouri, a great tragedy."
He said Radi told the "public opinion", that "Qatar has become a tool implemented for the US project to destroy the unity of the Arab nation and the Islamic world" .lavta that "the Doha conference is one of the most dangerous conferences because it is based on ideas aimed at the exploitation of the National Guard," and pointed out that " of the objectives of this conference is to form a new armies and then take advantage of the organizations that belong to a terrorist entities that have worked previously in Iraq. "

He added that the presence of Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri to Doha conference is a big tragedy should stand then.