Pentagon hails success of Iraq's use of F16 aircraft and reaffirms its commitment to hand over the remaining ones

Praised the US Department of Defense [Pentagon] successfully the Iraqi air force in the implementation of air strikes using the F16 fighter jets for the first time to organize Daash sites.
He described the Pentagon's chief spokesman, Peter Cook in a statement last twist this process as "successful," adding that Iraq received the first batch of these aircraft four planes and travel last July.
"Said Cook that the United States is committed to building a strategic partnership with Iraq, noting that it will continue to work with the Iraqi government on the remaining aircraft delivery when readiness as part of the production schedule.

The Iraqi Ministry of Defense, announced Sunday the entry of Iraqi fighter jets the F16 US-style to the service and launched 15 strike on nests Daash in Hawija southern province of Kirkuk.
The defense minister said Khalid al-Obeidi, said that "these aircraft had achieved important results and caused the enemy great losses" revealing "the imminent arrival of a new and meals of these aircraft."
Iraq had received in 13 of last July, four aircraft of the F16 model of the US company Lockheed Martin as the first meal out of the 36 aircraft contracted with the company Almsnah.anthy