Salahuddin demanding an end to "chaos" projects in Samarra and the preparation of a sound investment map

Chaos prevails investment projects in Samarra

Long-Presse / Salahuddin Called Investment Salah al-Din body, on Sunday, to end the "chaos" that prevails projects in Samarra, and takeovers "programmed" on the task of investment land in order to "personal gain", denying allegations Some obtaining FDA approval it did not grant any leave since March in 2015, while the Municipal Council of the Magistracy student, south of the province, (170 km north of Baghdad), the creation of decent investment environment check returns to fund service activities, and the preparation of an investment map and activate the stalled projects viable.The Director-General of Investment Salah al-Din, Ammar Jaber, in a statement received (long-Presse) a copy of it, that "the Commission held an expanded meeting in the municipality of Samarra, which included both houses of the province and municipality, and the mayor of the city, (40 km south of Tikrit), and investors to discuss investment opportunities Elimination ", noting that" is the first consultative meeting on investment opportunities in Samarra, where the review of opportunities approved by the Investment Commission and the relevant departments. "

He said Jabr, that "the participants discussed those opportunities and agreed to be discussed in detail, taking into account the contracting authorities are required to contracts concluded in advance", stressing the need to "end the state of chaos taking place in Samarra, including takeovers programmed on the task of investment land with the aim of personal gain to good account year. "
He explained Director General of the Investment Salah al-Din, that "the participants stressed the need to find new investment opportunities and adjust the mistakes and correct course of action in this file in accordance with the administrative and legal controls," reiterated "the commitment to professionalism and enhancing the role of maintaining the supervisory board, Wat take the rest of the actors role in line and the importance of the city and away from quotas and tribal and factional loyalties. "

Jabr said, that "Most of the proposed transaction currently illegal," denying "allegations of some receiving investment licenses by the body, because it was not granted since March 2015 and so far no vacation."
For his part, head of the municipal council of Samarra, Mohammad Omar, in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The Council welcomes the ideas of participants meeting and will form a committee scrutiny investment reality with the rest of the relevant departments."

He said Mohammed, that "the Council demanded in advance and the positions of official stop projects that did not get the leaves of investment and the elimination of correspondence that jump on the chain of command", recognizing that there is "a violation and a clear public money accompanied by administrative errors by some of the relevant departments must be legally processed ".
The head of the municipal council of Samarra, the need to "create an investment environment worthy of the status of the judiciary and bring him financial returns benefit to fund service activities, and the cancellation of projects that are similar donations," pointing out that "the parties concerned agreed to hold another meeting to set up an investment map and study each project separately, and activate the stalled projects viable, Ktabah and entertainment. "

The Samarra, one of the important areas in the field of religious and historical tourism to its holy shrines, and many effects.